onsdag 16. januar 2013

wednesday note

{ the 50s } 

I`m really into the 50`s these days
like really LOVING the simpel sweetnes & the pale, but happy colors
You know,- the time when they were wearing dresses while baking the sweetest cakes..
..and changing dress for supper.. every day.. 

Somehow..,when I think of the 50s, and wanna bake and wear a dress and a apron,..,
I always think of Sophie Dahl.. 
.. in her beautiful kitchen.. making yummi food from scratch.

But today I only feel like eating vegetable soup...
made from scrath, of course,
full of vitamins,
to get rid of the flue I`ve had for two weeks..
..and the dress..., it has to wait..
..flue time is a time for joggers pants..
..thats just the way it is.

Photos: www.norskeinteriorblogger.no

4 kommentarer

  1. Dear Polly,
    I like this soft colors!

  2. NYDELIG rett og slett.. elsker det første bildet <3

  3. Takk for det, alveveien :)